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Deuces Construction Solutions is the industry leading supplier of packaged pre-mix Cold Asphalt in Southern Africa.

Packaged Instant Tar – Nationwide Deliveries

Our Cold Asphalt is delivered in Bags of 25Kg or 50 Kgs and can be delivered nationwide.

Pot Hole Repair Master

Our Permanent Pothole Repair pre-mix Cold Asphalt is the ideal solution for the repair of potholes in roads, driveway and car parks. It can be installed in all weather conditions and is instantly traffickable.

Permanent Asphalt Repair

Guaranteed Permanent

Deuces Construction Solutions’ cold asphalt repair is guaranteed permanent. Do it right the first time. Patch potholes or close utility cuts permanently with Our Cold Asphalt.

Works in Water & ALL Weather

Potholes don't wait for nice weather. Deuces Construction Solutions’ cold asphalt can be applied directly into a water-filled pothole or other asphalt repair on a cold or rainy day.

No Mixing, No Tack Coat, Ready to use Cold Asphalt

Deuces Construction Solutions’ Pre-Mix Cold Asphalt requires no mixing and no tack coat. It can be applied directly onto a wet or dry surface with no preparation whether the application be an asphalt overlay, pothole repair, utility cut or edge repair.

Instantly Ready for Traffic

As soon as initial compaction is complete, the pre-mix Cold Asphalt repair is ready to open up to traffic. Finishing the job faster means fewer labor and equipment hours and reduced traffic risks for workers and the travelling public.

Contact us today for a free quote ! Immediate Benefits, Lasting Value

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