Exposed Aggregate Paving – The Art of Concrete Exposed

It is Deuces Construction Solutions’ aim to always source and introduce new and exciting products to the landscaping industry. We only supply products that offer stunning, practical, yet affordable solutions for your outdoor project without compromising quality.

Deuces Construction Solutions’ Exposed Aggregate Paving is made of natural raw materials that are rich in color that will naturally blend into any outdoor surround.

Our Exposed Aggregate Paving offers elegance and durability and is available in various sizes and colors that will satisfy any taste and extremely affordable compared to other paving alternatives.

Why Our Exposed Aggregate Paving is ideal for you.

  • Our Exposed Aggregate comes in a variety of color , sizes and texture
  • High load/traffic bearing qualities
  • You can expect well maintained Concrete to last 30 to 50 years. One of the main features of concrete is that it gets stronger with age.
  • When Installed, our Exposed Aggregate is seamless, that means no grass will grow in-between, making your Paved Surface last longer and low maintenance.

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