Natural Stone Paving

There's no paving finer than natural stone, it has been used for thousands of years and represents one of man's earliest technologies - the ability to make a traversable pathway. It will outlast all of us, every unit is unique, it's a natural product with texture and colour determined by millennia of geological processes rather than modern chemical dyes, it's incredibly strong, hard-wearing and as if all that is not enough, it is also beautiful.

Whatever place you have in mind, we have a superb collection of inspirational ideas to help make your dreams come true, and become part of your everyday life the whole year round.

Built with care and pride

To keep it in top condition, we seal the surface using a special treatment that helps prevent stains and weed growth so that maintaining the quality look is as effortless as possible. We pride ourselves on our high standards and believe our paving services are unique in that we don’t use a sub-standard sub base such as tarmac scalpings, crushed concrete or sandstone. Your paving project needs to have the best possible start.

Our industry leading natural stone paving solutions includes, Pennant, slate, various granites, basalts, whinstone and a host of other rock types. In addition to the fine Natural Stones from our local suppliers there are several other types which are imported from around the world.

Deuces Construction Solutions are approved Driveway Contractors for many of the leading paving brands and we offer manufacturer backed product guarantees and 5 Year Installation Guarantees on all driveways, patios and paths.

Driveway Gravels & Chippings

Attractive and versatile, our hardwearing driveway gravels and chippings are a great alternative to Concrete Block Paving. This low maintenance option, comes in a range of popular colours and grades.

All aggregates are from natural origins therefore having unique colour blends, giving individuality to each project. In order to achieve a beautiful colour blend, we apply sufficient amounts to cover the full area.

Deuces Construction Solutions supply and lay Gravels and Chippings. We also do integrate gravel with block paving to give you a unique and outstanding finish.

Our hard-wearing crushed Granite Chippings, available in 13mm stone size, are suitable for domestic driveways and pathways.

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