Permeable Block Paving

With so many possibilities in terms of style, color and finish – Deuces Construction Solutions will help assist you in choosing the right design for you.

There are many things to consider when having paving installed. One thing sometimes overlooked is that there can be instances where you require porous surfaces that provides unpararelled drainage capabilities

Our market leading permeable block paving solutions for driveway uses permeable (or porous) surfacing designs that allows water to drain through, such as gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt, that allows rain or flowing water to drain naturally.

Our consultants are fully trained in the laying of Permeable Block Paving Systems which conform to the latest Building Regulations and industry standards

Permeable Grass Grid Paving

Designed for the creation of additional parking space whilst retaining the environmental benefit of a natural grassed area, Deuces Grass Grid Pavement provides a sustainable alternative to traditional block paving.

Forming an open grid allowing grass to grow through the blocks, Our Grass Grid Pavement offers a greener option, combining all the practical benefits of a driveway whilst retaining a garden look.

As a one-stop surfacing solutions company, we supply hard wearing grass and top soil for all our Grass Grid installations.

Drainage & Edgings

If you need to install some water management items when completing your project, we can supply and advise on a range of products from Linear Drainage Channels to our own Dish Channels.

Designed principally for use with block paving, our dish channels are made in a range of colours to complement, and designed to ease responsible water management.

The Deuces Construction Solutions’ drain system can divert substantial quantities of surface water quickly from areas of block paving as well as prevent flooding public roads and drains. Manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester, the Line Drain is light in weight but extremely strong. The grating is galvanized steel and snap locks into position. The drain system is only suitable for light traffic applications.

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