Innovative Permeable Paving Solutions for Africa

As early as 1996, Deuces Construction Solutions realized the need for a sustainable Paving Solution, providing structural stability, exceptionally durable, permanently porous and with a high load bearing capacity.

Today, Deuces Construction Solutions prides itself of being the leading Installer of Permeable Grass and Gravel Block Paving in South Africa.

Our Permeable Paving comes in Grass Block Paving and Gravel Block Paving

Why Install Grass Blocks

Grass Blocks are robust, durable and capable of withstanding all levels of traffic.

With Grass Blocks Paving, you enjoy the best of both worlds, they give benefits of a concrete brick driveway, while retaining a garden look.

Ideal solution for controlling run-off, avoiding flooding and improving permeability of Surfaces.

Deuces Gravel Block Paving – South Africa’s 1st

Developers are increasingly choosing to include within their schemes paved areas which replicate natural gravel whilst maintaining the structural performance associated with more traditional forms of paving. This approach enhances the potential to manage stormwater at source as part of sustainable urban drainage initiatives.

Why Install Gravel Block Paving

Our Gravel Block Paving recreate the natural appearance of gravel whilst addressing the trafficking and/or drainage requirements of your site.

The combination of the natural aesthetics associated with gravel and the high porosity of our Gravel Block Paving makes the product a natural contender for many Sustainable Urban Drainage schemes.

The Gravel Block Paver

Advantages and Applications

Gravel Block Paving is highly suitable for providing paved areas where the recreation of the natural appearance of gravel is important whilst addressing the trafficking requirements. Applications are extensive and typically include:

  • Access roads;
  • Car parks;
  • Driveways
  • Industrial Loading Bays

A Technical Information pack is available from: Deuces Construction Solutions Helpline +27 21 836 6700. For technical advice please contact our Technical Advisory Service

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